Autumn garden scenery mural red leaf clear water fake 3d window vinyl wall stickers landscape wallpaper home decorations 60*40cm | Дом и

Autumn garden scenery mural red leaf clear water fake 3d window vinyl wall stickers landscape wallpaper home decorations 60*40cm | Дом и сад
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Landscape stickers

Fake-window style
Finished size: About 59*38cm /23.22*14.96in (width*height), only for reference
This is printed pattern, and then cut off into a whole decal, can be peel off directly to stick onto the wanted surface, but there remains a little blank edge around the pattern, it is clear or white or the other, depend on material color
Material: Translucent environmentally friendly PVC


As the below shown, the original size of the wall stickers received, only for reference!
Here might have a size deviation, but it don't cause any bad effects on the pasting.
Here does not show the actual precise out-factory size of the sticker, but refers to the serial number of this wall stickers.
If mind, please be cautious to buy!

Our Packing (Default)

Our Packing Method: The wall stickers is rolled up with a hard foam stick, and then packed into Opp bag.
Remark: This foam stick has about 50mm in diameter.
Considering the value of the goods itself, we have adopted this simple packaging method to avoid excess packaging, normally, it turned out to be safe in transit.
If you want us to take a more secure packaging method - rolled up with a hard paper tube, you will be required to pay an extra costs of packaging materials and shipping (shipping weight increased). So, please contact customer service to modify the value of the order.
Please Note: Since the PVC /vinyl film has elasticity, can be stretched or shrank, but the backing paper cannot. When the wall stickers was took out and unfolded, it might happen wrinkle. Don't worry! this hasn't a bad effect on the pasting, when installing, just use a hard card to press flatten.
Warm Tip: When receiving the packages, if the stickers is damaged in transit, please raise a dispute attaching some real photos to ask a refund, the reason of dispute is "Product arrived damaged", not "xx are not as described" or "Defective". And, if just because of this, it is hopeful not to leave us a negative feedback (below 3 stars)
Like this, as seller, we can do a claim on the logistics company.
And, it isn't required to return the goods to the seller.
Thanks a lot for your understand and support!

Scope of Applicable

Any smooth flat surface in which can be pasted; Such as 1- painted wall, 2- wallpaper, 3- ceramic tile, 4- plastic goods, 5- wood goods, 6- metal goods, 7- glass goods, and etc; Excluded 1- off powder or peeled wall, 2- the pits or cracked metope, and 3- uneven surface. Please see the below pictures shown, only for reference.


Q: What features of the wall stickers material?

A: Translucent or white environmentally friendly PVC material;
Waterproof and cleanable (use a wet cloth with clean water to clean);
Removable, if pasting on a wrong place, remove it and pasted again. After removal, no smudges will be left behind;
Can be applied onto any suitable color surface, such as door, fridge, window and etc;
If the worked surface is color or black, it is perfect to choose the white material;
Translucent material has no any white edge left after applied onto the worked surface, the image looks like more lifelike;
If have a special demand on the material, please leave a message.

Q: Can the wall stickers be reused?

A: Yes. But not recommended.

Q: Size error and color difference?

A: The actual size of the goods received may have an error of 1-3 MM. This is a normal phenomenon.
The color difference may be caused by some reasons such as color reflection in the monitor, lighting, background & etc. The color is subject to the real goods received. If just not like the color of the real goods received, please don't leave a negative feedback of "Bad Quality".
If mind, please be cautious to buy!

Q: Why is it that the wall stickers attached will peel off automatically slowly soon after, is it a quality problem?

A: The wall stickers are mass-produced and have passed factory inspected, so it is not normal for several pieces of wall stickers to be poorly attached.
The possible influencing factors are as follows:
1/ Just coated walls with new paint, uneven wall surfaces, unclean surfaces (with dust or powder), wet wall surfaces;
2/ Low temperature environment. In cold room, the adhesive might frozen, reduced the adhesion of wall stickers;
3/ The stickers didn't stick onto the wall surface tightly, leaving gaps.
As the above, only for reference!

About Logistics

For some specific packages, some logistics options are not available because these logistics channels have shipping restrictions on the sizes of packages. For example, as the size is bigger than 60 cm, AliExpress Standard Shipping isn't available.
If choose an economic logistics to deliver your order, it can decrease the shopping cost, but the logistics company just provides the ship out information, that is to say, once the package departs from the origin country, you will no longer be able to find any further delivery information. If mind, please be cautious to choose!
As you know, this is an international delivery, once you choose certain shipping channel, the risk of the package lost or delayed delivery might happen. So, when the protection time of 60 days is about to run out (Brazil is 90 days), if you don't receive the goods that bought yet, please be sure to let us know (we will extend the protection time), or raise a dispute to ask a refund. Once your order was closed due to "Confirmation Timeout", the dispute couldn't be raised. After the dispute raised, the platform will do an investigation on this fail delivery and then do a refund to you. If just a fail delivery, please don't give us a negative feedback!
For different countries or regions, the ways of delivery is different, or the consignee is notified to pick up, or the door-to-door delivery, or delivery signed, etc. If it is pickup, please pay attention to check the pickup message. If don't receive a message of pickup in an estimated delivery time, please contact your local post office, or let us know. Otherwise, once the delivery is timeout, the items will be returned to the seller.
Any favorite logistics, please recommend!
If want to know more details, please contact customer service.

Pasting Matters Needing Attention

After received, please release it and keep flattening 1-2 days, until the stickers is restored flattening, and then paste, to avoid curling edge peeling;
Make sure that the pasting surface must be smooth flat clean and dry;
Before pasting, it is required to do testing on the surface that want to paste, to check over whether be applicable to paste this wall stickers;
When pasting a large area decal, pasting onto the wall surface while peel off the decal slowly to start from the edge corners;
If any bubbles, use a hard card to squeeze out, or a sharp small needle to puncture, and then press flat.
As the above, only for reference!

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