OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили

OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили и
OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили и
OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили и
OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили и
OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили и
OLOPKY 12" Car DVR 4K 3840*2160P Dash Cam Sony IMX415 Rear View Mirror WIFI GPS Camera Video Recorder Parking Monitor | Автомобили и
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Why choose 4K dash cam mirror?

❤High-end Huawei HiSilicon chip, the most realistic 4K image quality and the most agile operation, the chip determines the camera's video quality, operating sensitivity and service life.

❤4K UHD and Starlight Night Vision of this rear view camera are provide crucial details to back you up in an unexpected incident.

❤Smart Voice Control System of this car camera is hand-free operation, easier and quicker to operate.

❤GPS with Speed and Location, exactly know when/where the events happened.

❤Safe reversing aid and parking monitor, dash cam keep an eye on your car when reversing and parking.

❤G-Sensor lock emergency video on dashboard camera as important evidence.


Chip: HISILICON 3559V200
Memory card: Class 10 TF card(8-256GB)
Video resolution: 3840×2160(4K) & 1920x1080P
Video Encode: H264/ H265
GPS Module Included
Camera Lens: Sony IMX 415
Time-Lapse : Off/ 1S/ 2S/ 3S
Parking Guard: Off/ Low/ Middle/ High
Screen Saver: Support to set the time when the screen turns off automatically,not distracted while driving
Frequency: 50HZ/ 60HZ
Key sound: ON/ OFF
Boot sound: ON/ OFF
Speaker Sound: Mute/ Low/ Middle/ High
G-sensor: Off/ Low/ Middle/ High
3 options of sensitivity Lens: 8M pixels,170 degree HD wide angle Seamless video: No interrupt video
Loop video: Optional 1/2/3/5 min, new file auto overwrites old file when card is full.
Aperture: F2.0
Button Sound: Turn on/off
Date/ Time: Support
2 split view display simultaneously: Support
Battery: Build-in lithium polymer battery
Car USB power: 5V
Working temperature:-20℃ to 70℃
Storage temperature:-30℃ to 80℃
Installation type: Rearview mirror Camera
Urgent Video Mode: Support locking emergency video.
Video Playback on the Mirror: Front urgent Video, Front Ordinary Video, Rear Ordinary Video, Rear Urgent Video
Photo Playback on the Mirror: Front Photo/ Rear photo.
Voice Control: Support ( Only support English Voice Control)

After sale

15 days no reason to return: Russia, United States, Spain, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Israel, Poland, United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Chile, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal 24 countries support, if the goods are not satisfied, please contact customer service first.

One-year warranty: within one year of purchasing the product, if there is any non-human damage failure, please contact customer service, we will provide you with the most complete after-sales service.

The best quality materials, the best 4K camera.

Full View Screen

Full View Touch Screen provides crystal image without any delay. Very clear and smooth images display as like a stream flowing on the excellent WDR and Auto Adjusting Brightness Streaming Mirror.

Huawei Hisilicon Chip

The chip supports H.265/H.264 codec
It integrates the fourth-generation ISP of Huawei HiSilicon, supports WDR, multi-level noise reduction, six-axis anti-shake and multiple image enhancement and correction algorithms to provide customers with professional-grade image quality.
Adopt advanced low-power technology and low-power architecture design to provide users with longer battery life.

Note: There are many fake HiSilicon chip 4K cameras on the market, please click the version in the menu to verify.

Intelligent anti-shake

When recording 4K video, Hi3559V200 chip supports hardened 6-Dof digital anti-shake, the picture is clearer and more complete.

Newest SONY IMX 415 Lens

IMX415 uses Sony’s latest stacked CMOS technology. Compared with the previous back-illuminated CMOS technology, the stacked area has a higher utilization rate. The 4K CMOS image sensor can provide excellent image recognition and detection performance at the same time, as well as excellent Low-light performance, can shoot clearer images in low-light environments.

Maximum support for 256G memory card.

Other driving recorders can only support up to 128G memory card, our recorder supports 256G memory card, you can save more videos and pictures.

4K 3840×2160P Ultra HD

With 4K 3840×2160 Ultra HD resolution, With the high-sensitivity sensor, this car camera can perform the higher quality and vivid images and videos. it can sense the surrounding environment and delicately handle complex light. With fast image capture rate and image processing capability, it can enhance image clarity to perform more naturally vivid and lifelike image quality.

Smart Voice Commands

Smart voice recognition, voice control recorder: turn on or off the screen, turn on or off voice, start recording, lock video, front camera image, rear camera image, front and rear camera image, turn on or off WIFI. (Now only Support English voice control)

GPS Module Included

Equipped with a GPS antenna and you can see the real-time speed and vehicle trajectory, which help to record real time location, current driving track and driving speed. A reliable evidence when traffic accident happened.

Attention: Download the GXPLAYER GPS APP via our offered URL. After the installation is successful, you can play video on the PC side through this GXPLAYER APP.

How to find a precise position to strengthen the GPS signal?

1. Stick the GPS antenna on the dashboard and keep it face up to receive a stronger signal.

2. If the car’s windscreen tinted with the reflective coating, it may be athermic and impact the GPS reception. In this instance, we recommend placing the GPS antenna at the corner of the dashboard.

After you plug in the GPS antenna, please open the menu and find "Time Zone", and adjust the time zone according to your country.

Rear View Camera

Smart rear view angle switch between driving and parking. You could see all further vehicles and objects clearly behind you while real-time driving and it will lower the rear view angle automatically to give a closer backup image when parking.

Time-lapse Video Function

Use the buck line to not occupy the cigarette lighter interface.
First, connect the negative pole(black line) of the buck line to the ground of the car fuse box;
Secondly, if you want to continue monitoring after parking (the DVR works 24 hours), connect the yellow cable to the BAT interface of the car fuse box;
If you want to stop monitoring after parking (the DVR does not work after parking), connect the red line to the fuse box ACC interface.

Loop Recording + G-sensor

G-sensor - Powered automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash is detected. The sensitivity of the G-sensor can be set to different levels.
Loop Recording Function- Ensures continuous recording without missing a second,record automatically during vehicle ignition, switch off automatically with ignition off to get you free from the hands operation.

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