2 million pixel VGA camera for industrial measurement mouse directly operate multiple sets of crosshairs microscope | Безопасность

2 million pixel VGA camera for industrial measurement mouse directly operate multiple sets of crosshairs microscope | Безопасность и
2 million pixel VGA camera for industrial measurement mouse directly operate multiple sets of crosshairs microscope | Безопасность и
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1.1 Introduction

GS202-HIt is the bandMeasuringFunction, mouse operation, multiple crosshairsOfIntelligent High Speed no smearVGAInterface Industrial CameraAnd directly connected to a computer monitor or projector can achieve high-definition image preview, measurement, camera, high frame rate, high image quality, intelligent features,UDisk storage function so that itPCIt can be very convenient to exchange images collected. Based on direct replacementPCMeasurement camera, can greatly reduce system cost and save space.It can be widely usedMicroscope, laser machines, video surveillance,Production testing, Materials research,PCBAndSMTInspection and analysis, printing, textile inspection,HealthDetectOther applications. 

GS202Industrial Camera is an alternative to ordinaryUSBIndustrial Camera EasyIdeal for testing, Has a number of domestic and foreign listed companies successful application cases, products by domestic dealers and international traders favorite



1.2 Product Features

 convenientMouseOperatingInterface, with powerfulOSDMenu, and operate the computer exactly the same;

preciseMeasurement functionCan supportLine, Circle, angles, rectangularPolygonAnd other measurements;

BeltEnlarged imageFeatures,4,9,16Times Optional

12Group crosshairs, You can use your mouse to drag any, can fine-tune the precise positioning

1/2About screen alignmentFunction; circular, rectangular, oval shape and angle than standard functional;

200MegapixelProgressive scan high-definition images, excellent color reproduction performance;

1680 * 1050 under the frame rateUp to26.5FPS1366 * 768Frame rateUp to 29FPS, far more than other VGA and USB2.0 speed camera;

First screen mouse draggingSet cross line and measuring operation is very convenient;

CanSave 5 group setting parameters;

Automatically saveAll parametersSet up;

uniqueSENSORDustproof structureDesign, overall productModeling style appearance;

Support the market for all monitors.

1.3 Spec





Effective Pixels

1600H 1200V (200 million pixels)

Pixel size


Supported Display Resolution


Frame rate









800 horizontal lines, vertical lines 700



Dynamic Range


Scan mode

Progressive Scan (Electronic rolling shutter)

Exposure Control

Automatic/ Manual

White balance

Manual white balance / auto white balance

Color Mode

Color, monochrome, sepia, negative


Support from top to bottom, left and right mirror


Support full screen freeze, freeze playback,Support still image and a moving image 1/2 screen contrast

Programmable control

Exposure time, GAMMA, contrast, sharpness, R / G / B gain, color saturation, eliminate screen flash,


Supports English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese menu

Parameter save function

Exit the menu automatically save

5 groups of parameters can be saved

Mouse Cursor Style

Arrow / full-screen crosshair

Measurement function

1.Linear length measurement (10 groups)

2.Diameter, circumference, area measurement (Group 5)

3.\\ Wide rectangle length, perimeter, area measurement (5 groups)

4.Polygon perimeter, area measurements (20 edge / 5 group)

5.Center distance (center to center distance) measurements (Group 5)

6.\\ Oval perimeter area measurement (Group 5)

7.Arc arc, arc measurement (Group 5)

8.Circle angle measurement (Group 5)

9.Angle measurement (0 . to 180 . / 5 group)

10.A set of screens tick (which can move in any position and set the mark)

Zoom function

Support screen enlarged four times, nine times, 16 times the three kinds of magnification options, upper right and lower left corner of the display position to support two positions available.

Marking line

1.12 groups crosshairs, can move the mouse in any location and menu trim position

2.3 Group round, said any move can position the mouse and menus trim position

3.A circular scale (360 . / 1 group)

4.Two angle lines, 0 to 180 . adjustable step size: 0.1 .

5.All of the above marking line can be set in six colors

Image flag function

Support 10 arrow mark

Display Interface


Mouse interface

Standard PS 2 interface mouse cursor refreshes 60 times per second

Digital Soft Keyboard

stand by

Operating temperature



About 2.5W





Product work instructions

Red LED work instructions, standby light is flashing at work



Purchase Notes

1. Our products are sold in Taiwan Microscopy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. of direct marketing products; product quality and after-sale technical support are guaranteed, please rest assured buyers buy;
2, three bags of strict implementation of the policy, the sale of goods to fulfill the warranty, return, replacement services;
3, Our default courier delivery tact STO designated as other remote areas, by the purchaser. Freight charged by actual weight;
4, this product does not contain tax invoice if necessary, must pay five tax points; provide formal machine print invoices;


1, the normal operational use, there Gu barrier, not secretly dismantled the case, since the date of purchase within seven days package returned.
2, belonging to the handout, and not returned range;
3, are man-made, private demolition, modification, and not covered under warranty;

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