Annular transformer iron core accessories silicon steel sheet OD55/105-45 ring | Обустройство

Annular transformer iron core accessories silicon steel sheet OD55/105-45 ring | Обустройство дома
Annular transformer iron core accessories silicon steel sheet OD55/105-45 ring | Обустройство дома
Annular transformer iron core accessories silicon steel sheet OD55/105-45 ring | Обустройство дома
Annular transformer iron core accessories silicon steel sheet OD55/105-45 ring | Обустройство дома
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1: the price of iron core: orientation 12 yuan /kg, iron core

Height, diameter and special price.

2: company specializing in the production of special transformer core mahjong table:

160W 8.1 yuan / only 180W 9.86 yuan / only.Application materials: by 0.23mm and 0.27mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0. 5mm low iron loss high permeability magnetic cold rolling orientation or orientation of high quality silicon steel materials.
Structure characteristics: due to the paramagnetic toroidal magnetic circuit structure and circuit completely closed, no leakage, so the magnetic can is the best, the use of the ring winding machine winding has the advantages of fast high production efficiency
Application: widely used in electronic equipment 50Hz, 400Hz transformer, transformer, reactor, choke and other electromagnetic devices.
Performance: can choose the appropriate material, to meet the different quality requirements of customers.
Core size: W-H ODN/ (inner diameter / outer diameter - high)

The weight of each ring iron core: 0.5kg unit price plus 500 yuan / ton; < 0.3KG unit price plus 1000 yuan / ton

Height < 25mm, add 500 yuan / ton

Weight less than 0.3KG, plus 1000 yuan / ton

The core of each core, chamfer fee: 2.0kg price plus 200 yuan / ton;

Each core weight less than 2.0kg price plus 300 yuan / ton.


500 sets of the following orders have a small amount of inventory stocking, please call to confirm delivery before starting!

Need to order the transformer material friends please call

Contact number:13857728408


Contact: Mr. Yang

You photographed baby before shipment,We have all been rigorously tested and tested.,If there is an unpredictable damage to the shipping process, it needs to be replaced.,Seller only bear one shipping.For the benefit of all of us,Please check the packing carefully when you sign for the goods.,Please do not sign if there is any obvious damage.!

Postage note

1, the store default courier company to Shentong, tact, Huitong, Azores, rhyme, if there is no specific express both the default courier, is not to please contact us and negotiate the delivery; default logistics Debon logistics, purchase multiple products of our company's freight according to the weight of the actual payment of freight,For your benefit,To take a number of baby payment time to inform us to modify the freight price,As far as possible in the freight does not make you a penny,We do not notify you on the payment of the extra freight and we do not refund!

2And the shop to ensure timely delivery, but due to the courier as a third-party service providers, and can not determine the exact delivery time, general of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai for1-2Days, other areas as3-5Days, if you can not arrive in time, but also hope to get your understanding.

Take the time to pay attention to the express delivery fee, courier fees to different regions. Welcome calls to discuss.

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If you receive any questions, please contact the shop staff immediately, we will try our best to deal with you!

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Note: if there are two models in a link, according to their own needs to ask the seller price. Different models have different prices. Otherwise, the seller will ship according to the default model or parts.

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