8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds

8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds |
8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds |
8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds |
8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds |
8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds |
8GB SD Card Recording IP65 Waterproof Rfid Intercoms For A Private House Of 2 Apartments Home Video Phone Add Door Lock 7" Lcds |
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Welcome to SUNFLOWERVDP professional video intercom system unit factory store. All video door phone intercom system and parts come from our factory! We have strong technic and engineer supporting!


  • ​We have the video showing about the products works and the installs, if you need it, kindly leave message to us! And the video in aliexpress only for your reference!
  • ​Add our aliexpress store in your wish list before place the order to us, become our VIP buyer, some special or new products you will enjoy more discount automatic based on on line price
  Warranty: ( sunflowervdp)   5 years products and accessories warranty!     ***We will test all products more than three times before ship to you, all packages will be very strong!   ***We will pay for repair fee and free parts fee and the shipping fee from china to your address within the warranty!   ***All of our products are covered by 7 days no reason to return service, the product can exchange or get refund only under good condition within 7 days!  

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This kinds of  video doorphone intercom widely used in apartment, hotel, villa, office building and so on. The system is composed of two parts - outdoor camera and indoor monitor. The outdoor camera is easy to install, The Indoor monitor can hang on the wall or cabinet or can be placed on any flat work surface e.g. desks or tables. if you need the super quality video door phones, that is your best choose!   Product name: IP65 Waterproof Rfid Card &Password unlock 8GB SD Card Video recording Color 7inch LCD  Video door phones intercom systems CCD outdoor unit waterproof(IP65) with very strong weatherproof function!!!  One outdoor camera with two indoor monitors+ One electronic control door lock! 1v2 for 2 apartments!


  This kinds of video doorphone intercom with super quality metal outdoor unit, It support IP65 waterproof function, with very strongest weatherproof function and strong ability of high and low temperature resistant!  
  • It support RFID cards unlock function, support 200 user ID cards
  • It support Password unlock function. you can use code open the door
  • It support indoor monitor unlock key remote unlock the door
  • IP65 Waterproof, it with strong waterproof function


Installation: Install is simple and easy, use 4-core wires or 5-core wires, support max 150 meters-200 meters distance

Wiring requirements:

  • 30 m: RVV4 (4 polishing) x 0.5 mm
  • 50 m: RVV4 (4 polishing) x 0.75 mm
  • 100 m: RVV4 (4 polishing) x 1.0 mm
  Operation: (very easy)
  1. The visitor press call button of outdoor unit,, the indoor monitor will ringing and show the visitor's video
  2. The householder press "talk" button to dual intercom with the visitor, press "unlock" button to unlock the door
  3. The householder press "monitor" button to monitor the status of outdoor unit, press "talk" button to talk
  4. The user put Rfid card on the ID card sense area, the door will be opened after hearing di-di
  5. The user enter 6-digit code (password), and press asterisk key, the door will be opened after di-di

Wiring requirements:

  • 30 m: RVV4 (4 polishing) x 0.5 mm
  • 50 m: RVV4 (4 polishing) x 0.75 mm
  • 100 m: RVV4 (4 polishing) x 1.0 mm
Certificate: CE(EMC .LVD R.TEE), RoHS,FCC   Brief description outdoor camera : (IP65 Waterproof Rfid cards and Password unlock  function)
  • The outdoor unit is controlled by ID card and code, it is internal intergrated with the visual intercom circuit to connect indoor monitor, and use it to intercom, video,unlock the door!
  • Outdoor unit is aluminum alloy front panel, stainless keys
  • 3 ways to unlock( indoor monitor remote unlock, Rfid cards and code)
  • 2 signal output;1.relay output;2. Push(low-level output)
  • Connecting indoor phone to intercom , monitor and unlock function
  • 6 Infrared LED night vision, waterproof(IP65); blue LED backlight for digit key
  • Indoor monitor support remote unlock/monitor outdoor/talk/intercom video.etc
  • This intercom system support indoor monitor talk with indoor monitor function
  • Support max: 3 outdoor cameras and 6 indoor monitors
  • Outdoor unit color: Silver

Details of outdoor unit: (IP65 Waterproof Rfid cards and Password unlock  function)

  • Camera resoltution: 1/3 CCD 700lines HD camera
  • Min lighting: 0.02LUX
  • Working voltage: DC12C+10% or DC12V-10%
  • Working current: <260mA RH: 20%-80%
  • Replay output:5s
  • Unlock mode: Rfid card/code/indoor monitor  (up to 200pcs ID cards)
  • Keypad backlight: automatically
  • Working temperature: -30degree to +80degree
  • Standard keypad :12Keys
  • Install size: 215(L)mm*105(W)mm*58(H)mm
  • Product size: 225(L)mm*115(W)mm*64(H)mm



Brief description indoor monitor: (Video recording 7inch color lcd)

  • Support take photos/photos storage/video recording function
  • Support max 32GB (factory match 8GB)
  • Support video intercom/monitor outside/remote unlock the door lock etc
  • Display: Color 7 inch TFT LCD (16:9 display) silver color 
  • With micro-processing technology, auto-remote control, excellent performance and high reliability
  • TFT color screen with low power consumption, no radiation and high definition
  • Hands-free intercommunication
  • Intercommunication is available between indoor monitor and outdoor monitor.
  • Intercommunication is available between indoor monitor and indoor monitor.
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Dimensions: 230x150x27mm (W x H x T )
  • Charger: Adapter input voltage: AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
  • Adapter Output voltage current: DC15V 1500mA
  • Color: ABS  Plastic 
  • Installation: Surface mounting
  • Net  Weight: 0.42kg 
  • Operation temperature: -20 to +60
  • Support 100 to 150 meters
  • Max support: 3V6


1: Menu Instruction:


2: User Instruction (We will send the user manual to our buyer with the order parcel together)


3: Button Instruction

  • Working indicator light
  • Ring cancel button
  • Music&Music volume adjustment
  • Monitor button
  • Unlock button
  • Intercom button (hand free)

1: Open/Close Shooting photos or record video

2: Null (Project testing)

3; Upward

4: Downward

5: Entry or Exit Setting

6: Micro SD Card slot

7: Ring back connector

8: Outdoor camera connector

9: Power supply connector

10: Intercom volume adjustment


4: Specification Instruction

  • Display Screen : 7inch TFT-LCD digital display screen
  • Resolution : 800*480
  • Dimension : 230mm*150mm*27mm
  • Power supply: DC15V/1500mA
  • Adapter input voltage : 1VP-P/75
  • Music: 36 music to adjust
  • Monitor timing: 60 seconds
  • Intercom timing: 60 seconds
  • ​Power:  Standby<1W  Working:<10W
  • Working Temperature : -20 degree to + 60 degree
  • Memory: Support at most 32GB SD Card
  • Wiring : 4-core RVV4*0.5mm


Size: 230mm*150mm*27mm

  • Working indicator linght
  • Aovid disturb key
  • Switch the music and adjust the volume
  • Monitor key
  • Unlock key
  • Conversation key
  • Mirophone


  • Turn on/off automatic camera/video recording
  • Engineerting testing
  • Page up
  • Page down
  • Mode settings&Exit
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • Sunflower company provide 8GB free SD cards


  • Connect to the next monitor
  • Connect to the outdoor unit
  • Call volume adjustment
  • Power supply interface
  • Ringback interface


Pictures show:

Front panel size: 225mm*115mm / Installation box: 215mm*105mm*58mm

1: Camera;  2: LED ;  3: Micro phone;  4: ID card reader window;  5: Speaker; 6: Digit keys;  7: Call button;  8: Fixing hole;  9: cable hole;  10: Buckle hole for panel;  11: Connecting terminal;  12: Panel opening

Back side Connecting terminal:

1: Video;  2: GND;  3: Audio;  4 B+ (audio power).  those parts  to connect indoor monitor 5: Power: DC12V;  6: Power DC -: GND;  7: PUSH;  8: Relay NO  9: Relay COM; 10: Relay NC; 10: OPEN. all those parts to connect 12V access control power supply

Connection details: (from 12V access control power supply to e-lock; from 12V access control power supply to Rfid outdoor unit; from Rfid outdoor unit to indoor monitor.) 1: Video-yellow 2:  GND-black 3: Audio-blue 4: B+-red 5: Next monitor-green

Outdoor unit install details:

Wires connection example: The wiring diagram for one outdoor unit with one indoor monitor: -1 The wiring diagram for one outdoor unit with multi indoor monitors: -2 1V2IDSMV7OP   The wiring diagram for two outdoor units with multi indoor monitors: V7P   Access control power supply:   This is a 110V-240V Access Control Power supply, it is made up of high quality electronic components and advanced international technology, it has anti-interference ability, provide very stable and reliable output in a various applications such as lock control/ controller control/ exit button/ RFID-ID Reader.etc.   
  • It controls electric lock directly. 
  • Can reduce the load of access controller, save wiring to reduce the hidden trouble
  • Based delay control circuit, lock time can be in 0-15 seconds 
  • Automatic protection function, unexpected situations such as when the power supply
  • short-circuit occurs, the power may be temporarily disconnected or the fuse auto insurance line off 
  • Operative device: E/M Lock, Access Controller, Exit Push Button.
_ Electronic control lock and accessories: Lock operation: Without power being applied, the lock operates as a standard mechanical lock, It can be opened from the outside using the key,  or from the inside by pressing the button release When 12V DC is applied briefly, or the button release pressed, or the external key is turned, a small catch is released inside the lock Releasing the internal catch allows the release roller to push open the door latch, So to test operation of the lock, It is necessary to press in the release roller.
  • Voltage: DV9-12V,1.5A
  • Power: >12W
  • Operating mode: No (open when powered)
  • Dimensions (strike): Approx. 36(W)*102(H)*51(D)mm; Approx, 1-3/8" (W)*4"(H)*(D)inch
  • Dimensions (main body): Approx, 123(W)*105(H)*35(D)mm; Approx, 4-3/4"(W)*4-1/8"(H)*1-3/8"(D)inch

This kinds of Rfid card/code unlock IP65 waterproof outdoor unit can work with many kinds of electronic door locks, if you need any other door locks, kindly tell me (:

Conditions: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging!



We will send power adapter to you according to your country!


Package Content: (1v2) for 2 apartments

  • 2 x Indoor monitors TFT-lcd 7 inches (silver color support video recording function)
  • 2 x Power adapters for indoor monitors (110V-240V US/AU/EURO/CA 2-pin plug,/UK 3-pin Plug)
  • 2 x 8GB SD cards
  • 2 x Indoor unit wall carriers
  • 1 x Infrared night vision/waterproof(IP65) outdoor camera with (Rfid cards/code unlock function)
  • 1 x Access control power supply
  • 1 x Door exit
  • 8 x RFID cards
  • 1 x English user manual/Warranty card
  • Standards screws and expansion bolts for the installation
  • Standards 2-core wires/4-core wires/5-core wires help install (If you need more longer test/install wires, kindly tell me!


In our store you can choose :

Our factory/store provide the folowing video intercom for families/offices/villas/apartments/hotels/higher building/floors

1: Video door phone for 1/2/3.....12/13....24/25........1000 apartments

2: Wired or wireless/wifi video door phone

3: Photo memory /video recording/rfid cards unlock/password unlock/fingerprint unlock/motion detection video door phone

4: All kinds of access control system for video door phone

Many kinds home security video door phone for our buyers choose! if you want to know more details, contact us any time!


If you didn't find the right video door phones you like in our alibaba website, you can talk with me by trade manager or send email to my email box and leave the message to me, i will reply you within 24 hours, We welcome your inquiry us at any time! 


We kindly advise aliexpress payment way, at the same time, we accept Paypal/TT/West union payment way. too

Kindly attention before choose the shipping way:
  • The shipping cost does not include any import taxes, and buyers are responsible for customs duties.
  • Air mail/EMS or Seller's shipping way usually need more longer time ( 10 to 30) working days arrive to your home.
  • If your address is remote area of DHL / FEDEX fast shipping and you want DHL/FEDEX shipping, then you needs to pay extra 30USD for the remote area cost.

Delivery Time:

  1. DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT:  Delievery time 5-15 working days
  2. EMS: Delievery time 12-60 working days
  3. Netherland post air mail: Delievery time 18-60 working days
  4. China post air mail and other air mail: Delievery time 25-60 working days


1. We accept any reason return/exchange the products not including the vandalism, return/exchange time within 30 days from the date you sign for the parcel 2. All returned items must be in the original packaging and you have to provide us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return! 3. We will refund your full payment upon receipt of the item in its original condition and packaging with all components and accessories included! 4.We will bear all the shipping cost if the product(s) is (are) not as advertised.

About products quality assure

  • We will test all products more than three times before ship to you, all the packaging will be very strong!
  • 5 years products and accessories warranty! We will pay for repair fee and free parts fee and the shipping fee from china to your address!
  • All of our products are covered by 7 days no reason to return service, the product can exchange or get refund only under good condition within 7 days!
  • If you receive a not-as-described (e.g. defective, incorrect, part missing) item, please contact us when you get the item. We will arrange a replacement as soon as the case is confirmed.

Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us.  Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied with our items and services.If you have any problems with our items or services, please feel free to contact us first before you leave negative feedback.  We will do our best to solve any problems and provide you with the best customer services.

Thank you very much for your kindly support and good feenback,  We hope build the long time business relationship between us and we will recommend you to other China suppliers!



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