US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство

US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство дома
US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство дома
US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство дома
US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство дома
US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство дома
US WE3068 West electric iron core winding single-ended 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 ohm output transformer | Обустройство дома
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A: 2.5K/3.5K/4 Euro 8 EuroB: 3.5K/4 Euro 8 Euro  US WE Xidian 3068A long magnetic circuit high quality iron core. It is specially built for tube machines such as 2A3 300B. The iron core is plugged in, originally the core for DC, and the US WE West electric iron core does not need to be introduced, it is an excellent iron core for making a bile output cow! The use of second-hand US WE Xidian 3068A high-quality iron core is the basis for winding the output transformer. The magnetic flux distribution and structure of the core have its unique physical properties and advantages. High magnetic flux, reasonable design, and complicated process winding are the cheats and guarantees of this transformer. The output transformer is high-frequency and elegant, the intermediate frequency is sweet, the low frequency is stable, and the charm is better than many high-priced silicon steel tablets. The sound is soft and resistant, and the high and low frequencies extend wider, giving full play to the unique musical characteristics of the tube. Xidian 3068A size: 128mm times 92mm times 65mm, tongue width 28mm, tongue length 88mm, sheet thickness 0.35mm, gray sheet as shown below. WE3068A has the anti-overload capability of DC core and good magnetic circuit distribution, which is beneficial to improve the coupling degree and reduce the distributed capacitance. This iron core also has a diamagnetic saturation peak design that is not available in other cores (the I piece corresponds to the E-grain tongue portion has a slight groove), and the magnetic flux density distribution of the long magnetic circuit is balanced. The width of the upper and lower sides of the iron core is greater than the width of the tongue width. Generally, the common core is the upper and lower total width equal to the tongue width! The tongue width is 28 mm, and the width of the upper and lower windows is 16 mm times 2. The 3068A window has twice the volume of a common core and can wrap thicker copper wires and more flexible wiring. The transformer wire package does not use organic materials. The original cardboard is used to make the wire package skeleton without borders. A layer of enamel wire is wrapped with a layer of insulating paper, and the layer is layered with layers of paper. All the craftsmanship guarantees that the enamel wire has no overlap. drop.The winding process is the same as the transformer process of the early Shanghai Radio 27 Factory. It uses complicated process winding method, which takes time and labor. It is finally loaded with iron core vacuum dipping paint, CNC drying, and finished product inspection. Make a hard work and refuse to counter-offer! The price/performance ratio is not allowed, and the effect welcomes PK comparison. Actual audiometry and audition, the entire frequency band is balanced, the low frequency is powerful, the medium frequency density is large, and the high frequency is transparent. It is a high-grade transformer and is superior to the UK's AUDIONOTE 300B single-ended amplifier with EI96 iron core output.  We are more than the effect and quality, not the price. Don't always say how cheap other homes are, how expensive are you? Tell you that cheap and cheap quality, expensive and technical content! Nothing is free in this world. For example, copper-plated necklaces and pure gold necklaces look golden, but the value is far apart. How can they compare? High-quality products are value-preserving, and low-quality products are like chicken ribs. It is a pity that food is tasteless and abandoning, and it is not worth the loss of tuition fees.The sound performance of the output cow made with the WE3068A core is a unique charm that other iron cores in our market can't hear. WE Xidian has an unshakable legend in the hearts of enthusiasts. Its WE1038 and WE1048 are famous among the hands-on fans. There are mouthfuls of beer. The excellent quality of Xidian iron core and the complicated winding process are the guarantee of this output cow. Applicable to 2A3 300B KT88 single-ended tube amplifier, can also be customized according to requirements. Note: This iron core specification is rare and may be unique to the WE3068A. US WE Xidian 3068A iron core second-hand disassemble, some have words, some words and no words. Some are paint words, some are stickers, and there is a WE3068A ATNT, the following picture is not selected, find the same character for sale. The WE Xidian 3068A output transformer produced by this department is the original iron core size specification, the iron core stack thickness is 65mm, and the original color of the iron core is not black paint. Measured basic parameters: The data will be different due to different measuring instruments, for reference only. Primary inductance: 15H copper resistance 182 ohms 8 ohms 0.4 ohms, distributed capacitance 18.2nf, leakage inductance 14mH Frequency response: 11Hz ~ 32KHz -3db. 15Hz ~ 20KHz -1.3db. The output power is about 60W (power frequency power 180W) and the over current is 150mA. Core size: 128mm times 92mm times 65mm. Three-dimensional: 130mm times 96mm times 96mm. The single transformer weighs 5.3KG/only, 10.6KG/pair.  The following is the core of the Xidian WE 3068A transformer, the gray piece, similar to the color of the Z11 piece.

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