GanRSC Personality Edition Three Steps Magic Cube 】3 Major Match With Slippery Compete In Speed Special-purpose | Игрушки и

GanRSC Personality Edition Three Steps Magic Cube 】3 Major Match With Slippery Compete In Speed Special-purpose | Игрушки и хобби
GanRSC Personality Edition Three Steps Magic Cube 】3 Major Match With Slippery Compete In Speed Special-purpose | Игрушки и хобби
GanRSC Personality Edition Three Steps Magic Cube 】3 Major Match With Slippery Compete In Speed Special-purpose | Игрушки и хобби
GanRSC Personality Edition Three Steps Magic Cube 】3 Major Match With Slippery Compete In Speed Special-purpose | Игрушки и хобби
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Our company isregularYes, the quality is guaranteed.Please read the following regulations. By default, the following regulations are read and agreed by customers. If you do not agree, please be careful to order that our store has the right of regulation and maintenance. Friendship, transaction second, our department is willing to improve the quality of service, please work together to maintain a harmonious procurement environment

On Transport

1.Express. Shop selectionZhongtong, Yunda, Debang, Zhongtong Express and Yunda ExpressIf you choose express delivery mode, please contact us to confirm your choice of express delivery.Zhongtong, Yunda, Debang,Shunfeng and so on.Designated ExpressThe actual reimbursement fee is required. (18:00 in the dayBefore shooting, delivery on the same day; after 18:00 shooting, delivery on the next day.After payment is made together with freight, we will take the time of closing the order on that day as the criterion.Delivery, if there are special circumstances, we will contact you in advance.

2.Logistics.Freight is generally paid on arrival.Goods should be picked up at the freight station. Delivery flow can be picked up by customers (please call Chenghai) or by us.Choose the right one for youNote: Freight of goods can only be estimated by the buyer on our side. The actual freight is mainly the amount at the time of delivery.We can control the delivery time, but the arrival time at the freight station is not accurate. Please understand. Thank you.

3. Package logistics.activityBaggage logistics areas are all provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions of China except Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai and Hainan.

On Payment

Payment to delivery(website photographed Alipay transaction or bank remittance)If you need to arrange production orders, please pay in advance.30% deposit, balance paid before delivery.

About after-sale

1.Return.Performance of Rubik's CubeSuch as (very tight, not smooth enough, or Rubik's cube workmanship problems, stickers are not correct, stickers fall, blistering, surface dust problems,Problem, or there is a discrepancy between the actual and the pictures.We can only guarantee that the original factory, if the pro-dislike, resulting in returns and exchanges, you need to return the freight.

(2) The quality of Rubik's Cube. Once it has been confirmed that it is the quality problem of the Rubik's Cube itself, not the quality problem caused by man-made destruction or express transportation, we voluntarily bear the freight back and forth.Buyers are requested to check the counting quantity and appearance in front of the courier before receiving the goods. If there is any problem, please refuse to sign and contact customer service in time.

Customers should also follow the principle of return and exchange.。 The seller is solely responsible for the quality problems (only when the goods are received and there are still problems after face-to-face inspection with the courier). Non-quality problems, buyer's round-trip freight, or the next batch of purchase and exchange, as far as possible effective and reasonable cost reduction, with better prices to conclude transactions, mutual benefit, thank you for understanding.We've now raised the price for the average player, and we've already given it.Benefits of PlayersCommodityTherefore, please see the details of the store before buying. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service to avoid unnecessary loss and trouble.

2. after sale.We do not accept the return of goods in principle, the product can be negotiable for delivery due to the quality of the factory, but the transportation cost should be responsible for the buyer. After the return of the product, we will exchange the goods together when the customer next comes in, and can not accept the situation when the next delivery is delivered. The freight will be taken by the customer.You must inform this before sending it back.shopWangwang customer service

As a result of the particularity of the toy products, and the appliance products can not be compared with each other, all the toys sold in our company do not carry out three packages of policy. If they are in use, we do not bear any responsibility. If we are in the scope of our company, we will help solve these problems, but all the related expenses are produced by the guests. The household is responsible for it. Special products are handled according to the agreement reached by our customer service staff.

The following conditions are not eligible for replacement: the returned products are damaged or incomplete in packaging, incomplete in product accessories or related information, not repaired or modified without authorization, not used or stored in the normal way, and goods beyond the service life after sale.


1.The liability for damage caused by transportation will not be borne by our company.However, we are obliged to do everything possible to help our customers solve this problem. Our company will adopt good carton packaging, cushioning, compact stacking and other ways to avoid the occurrence of damage. Please check the quantity and appearance of the goods with the courier (this is your right). If the quantity is not right or the appearance is damaged, please sign and confirm by the courier.In order to protect your interests and enjoy the company's worry free service, according to the Alipay dispute, you must check the shipping situation in the face of the courier when you receive the goods. Once the receipt is received, you will see that the product is intact and intact.Attachments are complete, and at the same time the right of recourse for such problems is lost. If you find that the products or accessories or accessories are damaged or missing in the inspection before signing, please refuse to sign and call us on the spot to protect your interests from loss. If you are inconvenient to receive the goods yourself or not, such as guards, relatives and friends, please convey the details of the signature and receipt to the signatory on behalf of the recipient. Samples are regarded as recognition of product integrity.

Transportation is done by a third party logistics company, which is beyond our control.Transportation time is affected by weather, vehicle arrangement, traffic conditions and many other factors. Our estimated transport time with you is for reference only, not as part of the contract.Nor is it the reason for returns.

2. All products are strictly inspected before shipment. Because of the particularity of plastic toy products and the incomparability with household appliances products, all toy products sold by our company do not carry out the three-package policy. If the problems arise after use, our company will not bear any responsibility. If within the scope of our company's ability, it will help solve the problems, but all the related costs will be incurred by the customers themselves. Take responsibility.Quality assurance rate of factoryMore than 98% and 2% are exempt from liability.

Please read the above regulations, which are read and agreed by customers by default. If you do not agree, please be careful to order that our store has the right of regulation and maintenance. Friendship, transaction second, our department is willing to improve the quality of service, please work together to maintain a harmonious procurement environmentBetter quality and better price is our goal of unremitting efforts. I hope our hard work can be understood and recognized by everyone. I wish you a happy shopping.

 Basic Terminology of Rubik's Cube

Order: The order refers to the number of blocks on each side of a magic cube, such as three blocks on each side of a third-order magic cube.
Recovery: refers to the process of magic cube from non-original state to original state.
POP: commonly known as flying edge, refers to the situation in which some parts of the Rubik's Cube are separated from the Rubik's Cube during recovery.
DNF: Did Not Finished, refers to the situation in which the Rubik's Cube restorer feels unable to complete the Rubik's Cube in a satisfactory time and abstains.

Origin of Rubik's Cube  

As stated at the beginning of this entry, the early Rubik's Cube was invented by Professor Rubik, but not for production and entertainment. Because he is a professor of architecture and sculpture, soHe made a prototype of magic cube to help students understand the composition and structure of space cube.After he finished his work, he turned around a few times and found the original.The neat Rubik's cube that was difficult to recover, so he realized that this new inventionIt will be very simple. But what he did not expect was that the toy with a side length of less than 6 centimeters would be in the future.It has become popular, even with the Rubik's Cube as the Tao.Exercise.

The Basic Concept of Rubik's Cube

Our common magic cube is the third-order magic cube of 3x3x3, which is a regular six-sided body with six colors, consisting of 26 pieces with eight corners, 12 prisms, and 6 central blocks (and central axle branches).Jia Xianglian).In order to facilitate the description of the magic cube restoration process, we need to be familiar with some basic concepts of the magic cube, &mdash, &mdash, surface, layer, corner block, prism, center block, surface, in place, and homing.

Surface means 3 x 3 blocks of a plane and layer means 3 x 3 x 1 blocks of a plane. Please carefully compare the difference between one side and one layer. We rotate one layer and the other is complex.The original is six sides.

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