ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer

ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer |
ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer |
ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer |
ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer |
ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer |
ADF4350 ADF43501 PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer Development Board sine wave /CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer |
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 35M-4.4GHz 137M-4.4GHz PLL RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer ADF4351 ADF4350 Development Board / CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer        

  • Features: 

    ADF4351 ADF4350 Development Board

    1, the output frequency range: ADF4351: 35M-4.4G,ADF4350 137M-4.4GHz

    2, power supply: DC002 Interface DC4-9V typical 5V power supply              

    3, the reference line and ADI official evaluation board layout              

    4, the output signal: 2.2-4.4G fundamental wave (sine wave)              

    35M-2.2G fundamental divide (square wave)

    137MHz--2.2GHz(ADF4350) fundamental divide (square wave)

    5, the output signal interface: SMA female              

    6, the default + -50ppm 25M import active crystal. STM32 provides a circuit diagram and test program in PDF format.              

    7, control: three-wire SPI control pins and lead locking pin allows all state functions, including point frequency sweep and frequency hopping, stepping to be 1K, low frequency step can be to 0.1K, the crystal. to decide.              

    CY7C68013A USB 2.0 board logic analyzer              
      1, UsingCY7C68013A-56Chip: Low-power version , enhanced51Nuclear ,16KBProgram data area , clocked48Mhz,480MbpsHigh-speed transmission protocol standards , in line withUSB2.0Specification , backward compatibleUSB1.1.              

    2, Single-byte and double-byte FirmwareEEPROM: Complete in-system programming solutions , direct useUSBLine download firmware, providing onboard64K(24LC64) Double-byte large program memory(EEPROM)And small-capacity single-byte program memory, used to storeVID / PIDAs well asUSBFirmware meetCY7C68013AThe program space requirements and a variety of load requirements.              

    3AllGPIOAfter2.54mmStandard pin lead out , which greatly facilitates the learner self- expandable design .              

    4, Collocation Corresponding firmware Through this core board can achieve SALEAE 8 Logic Analyzer , USBEE function AD435X PC functions such as speed control board              
    ageed               ageedd              


    Package Contents
    100% Brand New
    1 X module

    Power does not include


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