Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная

Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная наклейка
Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная наклейка
Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная наклейка
Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная наклейка
Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная наклейка
Sk66006 морской рассвет Фоторамка декоративная живопись 3d настенная наклейка
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Product Size: for detailed size, please see the effect picture below.

Product Description

■ The material is PVC translucent film, environmental protection, waterproof, and does not fade, without curling edges, it can be scrubbed if it is dirty, and can be pasted on smooth surfaces of walls, ceramic tiles, glass, furniture and so on with any background color.

■ self-contained adhesive tape, adhesive tape is removable adhesive tape, which can be pasted repeatedly(The surface of the wall can be removed at any time without hurting the wall surface), but it should be noted that the adhesive combination between the adhesive tape and the wall surface will become stronger and stronger, and its reusability will decrease after a long time of pasting.

■ No need to transfer the film, just paste it directly.



◆Make sure that the surface to be pasted is a smooth surface with concave-convex wrinkles and peeling parts, or the wall surface of the bottom embryo paint is not well done, please do not paste it.

Select the pasting position and clean up the floating dust and oil stains on the pasted surfaceto ensure the surface is dry and tidy.

◆Make simple planning according to the paste order,of course, you can also do DIY according to your own es.

◆ peel the adhesive paper gently and paste it directly with the base paperwithout transfer membrane, paste before sticker intermediate and then to left and right tile pressing.

Due to the large number of products in our company, we cannot upload them one by one. If there are products you need and cannot be found, please contact our online customer serviceh2+Xif2nxdR3mZ01XMtlQKLK13NS111cy5Kw


first, use your hands to figure out the position of the sticker.

paste convenient, tear it off and stick it on. Experience with children, family and friendsDiy Broughtfun bar



 usage method:


A. It can be torn at any time without sticking the wall skin. (general painting wall, glass, any smooth surface can be pasted; The bottom embryo of the wall has not dried thoroughly, and the surface paint cannot be grasped, except for inferior paint and peeled wall)

B. No white edges, can be attached to walls of any color. (don't worry about the wrong position, because it can be torn off after being pasted. You can change the position and style every day.)

C. No transfer membrane is needed, and it can be directly pasted when torn. (clean the wall with a rag before pasting)

Freight description 

Our products are heavy goods,yiwu delivery, a small amount of express delivery, a large amount of recommended freight logistics,taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries can also use express delivery or air transportation. The freight price of the freight template is for the buyer's reference only. The buyer will not directly account for the total price when trading online, but the Express fee will account for the total price. It is OK to take a small order directly, and the customer can also specify the mode of transportation, if youif you need to specify logistics, please write the logistics phone number and address of Yiwu at the message,explain to the owner before ordering the goods. If there is no explanation, we will send you our default freight logistics or express delivery. The freight is borne by the buyer, please contact Wangwang for details......

(1). All the goods in the store have been added to Chengxin and the deposit has been paid. Please feel free to buy them.
(2). The Effect picture in the product description will have slight color difference visually due to different display settings. Please take photos carefully for those who require perfect color comparison. Thank you.
(3). The product changes at any time due to the actual situation. Please confirm whether there is one before purchasing. Thank you very much;most of the express delivery will be delivered on the same day, and will be ordered later when busy, please consult customer service first, logistics deliverythe time is generally within 1-3 days, thank you.
(4). We will carefully check the quality of the products and the quantity of the packaged products before delivery. Please check carefully after receiving the products, if you find that the quantity of products in the package does not match or the goods are damaged, please contact us in time, thank you

(5). Please don't give negative comments at will
if you encounter problems, as long as you contact our customer service, we will certainly actively and objectively help you solve them and never evade any responsibility. Always give negative comments, which will not help both buyers and sellers, weI hope I can keep every friend who likes to stay in our mall, solve your practical problems and improve our clothing.Service level, bring better products to everyone and get more benefits. We hope every customer shopping in our mall can be happy to be friends with you.

This product is the unit price of the product, excluding freight and invoice. If you need to issue an invoice, you need to negotiate with customer service.

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